Top Five Helpful Ways To Protect Yourself From Email Scams

Like you, I am also receiving suspicious e-mails in my inbox. I am very careful about this because I do not want myself to get into scams. To help us protect ourselves from e-mail scams, I am sharing with you some tips on how to recognize and guard from scam e-mails. Be aware. Be cautious.

1. Be wary of e-mails asking for your personal information.

Any e-mail asking for your name, birth date, e-mail username, e-mail password, or any other type of personal information, no matter who the e-mail appears to be from, is almost certainly a scam.

If you have any reason to believe it may be legitimate, do not reply to the e-mail or click any hyperlinks; instead copy and paste the web URL or go to that company's website for contact information. Don't hesitate to contact the company's support channel to confirm legitimacy.

2. Carefully read e-mails that appear suspicious.

E-mails that are poorly worded, have typos, or have phrases such as "this is not a joke" or "forward this message to your friends" are generally scam e-mails.

3. Protect your Hotmail password. Create a strong password

4. Take action!

If you think someone has accessed your e-mail account, that the sign-in page looks fraudulent, or you receive a suspicious e-mail that tries to confirm a password change you didn't authorize, change your password immediately.

5. Help us identify new scams. "Report phishing scam". Whatever you do, do not reply back to the sender.

I hope this is of great help and if there is something you would like to add, feel free to share.

Source, Windows Hotmail Team


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