New CPU From Emachines

We have a new CPU. My husband bought it in replacement for the old one which he is worried about crashing. Actually we have two computer set at home-old and new. He is using the old one for his side work but we share the new one for office jobs and internet surfing. Now the new CPU is for the old PC set because it has been serving him for years now.

My husband decided to buy a new CPU because:

1. the old one is very slow
2. plenty of useful programs installed but the CPU is taking years to open one
3. it needs to be replaced :)

He bought the new CPU from Walmart. Its manufacturer is Emachines and it is working well. The CPU comes with two speakers, keyboard, cables, and manuals. Also Windows XP is already installed. Great! That is what we wanted.


Prettymom said...

my pc is more than 2 years now and i want to have a laptop

Badet said...

Have fung blogging with your new PC. By the way Mharms, I added your 6 blogs in my blogroll. I hope you can add my blog in your sites too. Here's my site's details:

Everything Nice!


nKae said...

hey! sure we can xchange links.. just drop me some message after you made a link to my blog. thanks!