I Am In Technorati!

Hey there! If you know about Technorati, maybe you get the chance to visit my Technorati Profile. See, I joined this big Social Networking and added my blog in their directory. This is what I like doing.

Social networking websites help bring traffic to your Websites. You can also submit articles here for everybody to read and enjoy. To start, create an account in Technorati. Add your blogs or websites then blog around :).


Bati said...

Well i will follow you and hope you will follow me back. Thank you here

World of Technology said...

Hi I already added u in my blogroll as Marly. But I can't find my site in your blogroll. Please let me know after u added mine. You can check ur name here.



A blogger's tech notes said...

@ bati
followed you bati

@ world of technology
you are added in the Blog Links column.

josie said...

let's xchange link, and thanks for visiting me