Get Paid To Read Emails

I am quite surprised this morning. I have 26 emails in my Hits4pay internal inbox. Wow! I know that is not much but that is a lot for me to read. What a great number of emails for $0.02 each. Yes. I am very close to getting paid for reading emails in Hits4pay.

I just started a couple of months but it is worth the wait. It is another way to earn money or make money on the Internet. I hope they will send me numbers of emails again.


iWizard said...

Congrats, that's nice. :-)

pcmemoirs said...

Together with other sources of income on the Internet, for example permanent ads and google ads, this can be a nice earning :) It's a start.
BTW, you misspelled my blog's name in the tech links section.

Nophie said...

visit all of ur blog... and there are no shoutmix....:(

Sismadi said...

nice posting...
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hery said...


nice program, i will try it..

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