Blog Redirects To A Blank Page

There was something going on with my blog/website earlier. Messages from my friends and readers prompted in my inbox saying that they view my Workplace blog because it redirects to a blank page whenever they come visit. I was alarmed! What happened? The last thing I did last night was replying to comments.

I checked and checked. Maybe there is a virus digging inside my computer. After running a system scan, my Anti-virus and Spyware Sweeper software found a Malware. Huh! Effective security. But it did not solve the problem on my website's redirection to a blank page. I went to Google Help and posted a report about the code bx-g9g9g9 in the forum. If I am lucky, I will be receiving replies in a couple of minutes.

I was thinking maybe there is a virus planted in my website. Possible.

I would not be able to sleep with this problem on my head. So I continued checking, until I remembered somebody told me about this paid-to-blog website that is causing blog loading problems. Hhmm...intriguing. Well, how do you know? I tried viewing Bright Bundles, (which is a member of that paid-to-blog website). It redirected to a blank page! Same thing happened to the other one. I looked on the html codes and removed code of that paid-to-blog website. When I previewed my blog, it showed the whole page without redirecting anywhere. Immediately, I did the same thing to my Workplace and yes, it loaded up quick and well.

Sheez! So there's a problem with the scripts of that paid-to-blog website. Now that I do not have the tracker, how can I get tasks? They still owe me money from my hard work. Do not tell me the rumor is true: that they are a SCAM???


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