No More Hotmail

Hello my online friends!  I just want to tell you that Hotmail, one of the free Web-based email service, is gone.  Hotmail is dead.  According to Microsoft, Hotmail is switching to Outlook.com.  So all Hotmail users are migrated to Outlook.com but you will still be using your Hotmail email account address when you log in to the new service.  Don't get confused.  The transition is now complete.



New Phone

Hello online friends!  It's been a while.  Yeah, I have been away for like a year???  Hahaha!  Well, lots of things going on in my life - online and offline.  I have a toddler now and she's one of my priority here in the world.  I spend most of my time at home.  But I am not going to neglect my blogs.  They, too, are my online homes.  

And I am happy to share that I have a new phone.  After five years, my cell phone has been upgraded to Smartphone.  And I am loving it.  Thanks to my darling husband.  He's very kind.

And I bought the hard phone case from Amazon.


Discounted Sunglasses

Got my new sunglasses in the mail.  I am very excited about it because it's one of those items I really need especially in the summer.  I like the style of this eyewear.  Looks classic and doesn't go out of trend.  My husband asked if it was for him when I opened the package.  I said no.  'There's something else for you", I said.  Yes.  There's some more.  Same style but different shade. The price of these sunglasses is irresistible.  The material looks durable and it fits me nicely.  In addition, these aviator sunglasses are among the hottest deals in discounted prices. Finding cheap eyewear for the summer can be frustrating but when you found the right pair, they're for keeps.

The dark shade is just right for me because I have problems with glare. Aren't they cute?


New Wireless Printer For Me

I am very happy!  Why?  My husband's Mother's Day gift to me is an Epson Stylus SmAll-in-One printer.  Yay!  It is also a wireless printer, scanner, copier, and photo printer.  Wow!  This is great for my blogging activities and eBay too.  It took several minutes for the installations to complete but it's worth it.  That's what made me a little busy early this evening.

The next thing I have to do now is to put my printer in a very convenient place in the house so my husband and I can access printing easily.