Cured By Dell's System Repair Service

Our desktop computer was cured from a virus Monday morning. Dell's system repair service staff who are stationed at the store nearby did a good a job. They removed the virus, saved the important files, and had everything fixed. Do you want to know what was the virus? The virus' name was "Anti-Virus 2009". They even provide us a free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software. The computer is all cleaned up and cured. My husband has been using his Dell desktop computer for years now. Good thing he approached Dell's staff at the store. Thanks to Dell's quick and reliable repair service. Now my husband is back to doing his side job and I am back to blogging also.


PinoyCopywriter said...

Our office computer and laptop provider is Dell and I've heard from our inhouse IT group that Dell has an excellent support service.

That should always be the case, right? When you invest in a reknowned brand that is also usually a bit pricey, you would normally expect good tech support from them.


jj-momscashblog said...

Hi Marly, Thanks for the name of the virus, but can you shed any light on how you got it? Should we be checking our email or how did it (the virus) get to your computer. I know there's many ways, but thought you might give a little more info out if you know. I'm glad you didn't lose anything. BTW how many blogs do you have?

Cielo said...


Hi sis, already added this blog in miner, hope that I you can also add mine in your blogroll

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John Deru said...

Hello, how are you now ?
Nice to meet you again...
Keep posting my friend..

saunan said...

come with real sSsmiley...please give me your cokiesSss..