What Happened To My Alexa Stats?

While you were checking your websites during this week, have you noticed something wrong? Did you see a weird change in your Alexa numbers? I was surprised that my Alexa numbers in my websites were back to the previous month's stats. It is not convincing to see my websites' back in the last month's ranking because they are receiving consistent traffic everyday. I have no idea what is happening with Alexa's updates. Do you know?


brown pinay said...


Hi sis, as requested Ive already added your link in mine, hope that you can also add mine here

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Brian D. Hawkins said...

All of my sites went up. My tracking site has increased in traffic but my Alexa, which once was 47,000, is over 100,000 now. I hope they're not taking lessons from Google.

Marly said...

@ Brown pinay
linked you already

@ Brian
i hope so..it is so frustrating to see this.

Dewa said...

Hi, thanks For visiting me..

My blog is a new one so the alexa still high 15 million ...:D