Gadget 1#: Sony Handy Camcorder

We are very excited with the new toy at home :). One present in my wish list has been granted. I got myself a Sony Handy Camcorder. I bought it from Fry's Electronics in Arlington. It is an 80GB hard disk drive, 60x optical / 2000x digital zoom, and a touch panel display. With the help of a software, I can do video editing to convert videos to DVD. Pretty neat huh?

I am so happy for this video came because I can now shoot videos especially on our upcoming vacation back home, which I am planning to have this year. What makes this handy camcorder special to me is that, it is a Sony product. I am working on familiarizing myself with the video camera operation. And I am practicing shooting videos too :) Hopefully I can make a pretty one soon.


Nanaybelen said...

Ever since, I prefer Sony products than any brand

Marly said...

me too..because it is easy to find an accredited repair store

out of the blue said...

i'm done adding your blog. let me know if you already added mine. thanks.

Marly said...

@ shimumsy
thanks..added u too

Har!sH said...

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Lara said...

added you in my blogroll at http://laradee.blogspot.com