Making Money Online With PTC

When I learned about getting paid thru PTC websites, I gave it a try. You know it is difficult to know what earning opportunities online are legit.

I was hesitant before but I joined in Clixsense.com. They give $.01 for every ads clicked. As of now, I am active in Clixsense. Earning with PTCs needs patience. In fact, I already received a payment check (minimum $ 10.00) from them. It is not bad. Now I am waiting for the other PTCs such as Easyhits4u.com and Clicksia.com to send me some bucks on my PayPal account in the next few days. My blogging funds from last year was pretty good too.


Lalaine said...

thanks so much for this info..I'll check on these sites!

Take care!

Marly said...

sure..ur welcome. let me know if you have any questions.

Euroangel said...

thanks for sharing..pati blogging krisis naman uy...hahaha...tc sis!

Marly said...

hahaha! correct angel. sponsors are not giving that much anymore.