What Is Going On With Entrecard?

For some unknown reason, I cannot drop Entrecards this evening. Why is that? Can somebody tell me what is happening??? It makes me mad. Is there any updating going on? I hope this will be handled and solved soon.

Who else is having problems with dropping Entrecards tonight?


jenie said...

is it really worth it? i stopped doing so...

rosey said...

congratsulations for doing good in blogging can you give me some sites where i can earn also. thanks

Ruby said...

no idea sis...i can't even drop cause all i see are black boxes...

Euroangel said...

sis added all you blogs to my blogs..finally nakalugar na jud...adto lang sa cool friends nako..okiz

give me a buzz when ur done..thanks kaayo..

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Lalique said...

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Willyo Alsyah P. Isman said...

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maxivelasco said...

hello. i haven't had entrecard problems yet. but i hope the issues with your entrecard will be resolved soon. maybe it's just an internet glitch.

anyway, i sure would love to exlinks with your blogs. can we please exlinks with all of my 3 blogs? will truly appreciate it.