My First Cell Phone

It is so amazing how a cell phone can connect us with our loved ones in seconds.  Just a dial and there you go, talking to your family and friends instantly.

I began using a cell phone in 2000.  It was a Siemens phone that I bought for about a $100.  That was my first gadget acquired from my salary.  I did not subscribe to monthly plans so i only used call and text cards.  From then on, I replaced and bought cell phones depending on the features I wanted.  Although phone features like web access, mp3 player, camera/video feature, and email are essential to users who are gadget geeks, I am contented with the simple call, text, and camera features. Now I am using a Samsung cell phone.  As long as I can make a call without problems at all, I am satisfied.

How about you?  What is your first cell phone?


glenn said...

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cherryfe said...

hey we have the same celfone then, siemens was my first celfone too. way back 2001 or 2002. hehehe! Ir was a amazing gadget for me that time.

Marly said...

yea, I was so fascinated with it because I can compose ringtones too :)

caloy said...

mine was an alcatel celphone. a hand me down from my brother.

i hope u can visit my blog too! see u! :)

reyapot said...

hi sis! i am back here :)

thanks for visiting me back. see u again sis!

Sissym said...

My first phone was a Siemens also and then a Motorola that was so big. Today I can hardly believe the difference in size and functionality.

Vacation Rental Makati said...

My first cellphone is nokia 3310