Blogging As A Hobby And Making Money Online

Blogging has mainly become my hobby where I express my thoughts, opinions, and share my past/present experiences in life.  In addition, I learned that I can earn extra income thru blogging too.  I joined paid-to-blog companies and affiliate sites to make money online.  There was a time I got scammed.  Not only me but also some of the bloggers I know. I am blogging for three years and counting...still earning too.  With legit PTB sites, my work has guaranteed rewards. Below is the list of the legit PTB sites I joined in.  Besides earning, they also can help bring traffic to your blog or website.
Blogging requires time and hard work.  Once you learned the basics, everything will be easy.


reyapot said...

wow sis ang dami! balato naman hehe..
wala ka sa payu2blog?

yvette said...

you are right! maintaining a blog is no easy task! how i wish i can learn how to make my blog earn through the links you posted here!

caloy said...

i'm back here! :)

thanks for visiting me back.. see u again soon!

merl_md said...

thanks for visiting my site :)) and for the tips here ;)

j O C y said...

visiting and supporting here..

pcmemoirs said...

So which option is most successful, and easy to implement, in your opinion?

Marms said...

@reyapot, waiting for approval pa rin ako sa PU2B.

@yvette, it takes time lang din. especially on gaining regular traffic.

@cahloy, merl_md and jocy, thank you. see you again.

@pcmemoirs, it is the hobby side.

Vacation Rental Makati said...

Very nice hobby !

Marms said...

Thank you :)


randy said...

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